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CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY PROGRAM – WEDC participates with for profit and non-profit affiliates to build community wind and solar gardens and industrial micro-grids. 

VOLUNTEER WORKER PROGRAM – A volunteer workforce to clean up neighborhoods, provide basic services to the elderly, sick and shut-in; and to make minor home repairs and paint, and perform snow removal, lawn mowing and landscaping services. 

FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMS – Through affiliation with the Department of Human Services, neighborhood service organizations, faith-based organizations, and public and private non-profit entities, WEDC will work to stabilize families. 

FISCAL SPONSORSHIP - WEDC provides fiduciary oversight, financial management and administrative services for groups or organizations that are raising funds for a project and do not have tax-exempt status. WEDC performs this service for organizations and projects located anywhere, not just in Michigan.   

IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES - Through our affiliation with other not-for-profit organizations, we assist displaced individuals and families in obtaining educational and career opportunities.

INTERFAITH UNDERSTANDING - As our nation becomes increasingly diverse, it is essential that leaders and citizens are prepared to model meaningful engagement among different faith traditions.  

CULTURAL AND ARTS PROGRAMS - Our Programs allow individuals to participate in programs about which they are truly passionate, including sculpting, singing, musical instruments, etc.


1.Parenting – Adolescents and Youth Learning and Development Classes that will assist parents with obtaining resources to help their children become productive members of their community.
2.Education – Reintroduction to Math and English for parents and guardians. This program will teach parents and guardians the basic skills needed in assisting their children with homework.
3.Mentoring and Tutoring – This program will help parents and children alike in becoming assets in their communities.
4.DivorceMediation - Too often, families face the difficulty of going through divorces. We offer divorce mediation services at an affordable rate. This allows the family to meet their emotional and financial needs with the least amount of disruption. We also offer mentoring programs for children of divorce families to ensure that they are not forgotten and their needs are met during the process.


1. Budgeting – Teaching families about proper budgeting and financial management. We will instruct families on how to save money and reduce their monthly spending and develop good saving habits.
2. Financial Literacy – Teaching students and their parents about proper financial behavior, including but not limited to saving and investing, retirement planning, life insurance, estate planning, saving for college, obtaining higher-education financial aid, income tax services.
3. Home Buyer Guidance – This is part of our Financial Literacy program and assists families who are prepared to purchase a new or existing home, and how to navigate the turbulent waters associated with negotiation, obtaining a mortgage, the closing process and Title Search.
4. Credit Repair – Credit Repair guidance will be offered to individuals and families. We will teach residents how to create and establish good credit. Our credit repair program will teach individuals and families how to properly repair and rebuild their credit.

5. Income Tax Preparation and Planning - These services also include working with the IRS to resolve issues related to tax return filings.