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Call  to Action

Currently, projects are planned for Highland Park and Flint, Michigan.  We now ask for the support of alumni and residents of the Highland Park and Flint communities, to work with WINSOL Economic Development Corporation and its strategic partners. Together,  we can make  a  positive  impact  throughout Michigan. We issue this call specifically to caring, compassionate people; with a passion for serving others, and a desire to help people succeed.

If you can hear and feel this call, fill out the form below and let us hear from you.  Won’t you come and help us to stabilize families in the community, educate, train and employ community residents, provide essential social services, restore sporting events and cultural edutainment; and redevelop the residential and commercial community? 

WINSOL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORporation is working on various projects in the Highland Park and flint, Michigan Areas

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