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Kenneth C. Reed

Director of Business Development

Lutullus S.  Penton, Jr.

Executive Director & President

WEDC values and welcomes inclusiveness, cultural diversity, personal responsibility, good stewardship of economic and environmental resources, and the safety, health and welfare of children, the elderly, and neighborhood residents. WEDC drives change to communities based upon need and commitment of the community and prioritizes fairly and objectively based on where our efforts are most effective for the benefit of the communities.

Marsha Y. Johnson

Executive Vice President

David E. Bennett, CPA,
Chief Financial Officer and Director of Grant Administration

WINSOL Economic Development Corporation is a Michigan-based non-profit organization recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) entity.  WEDC was founded by a team of professionals committed to educate and serve the people, rebuild communities and create new jobs. WINSOL Economic Development Corporation is the non-profit hub of a group of projects known as “The WINSOL Companies”, which include:  WINSOL Renewable Energy Technologies, LLC, WINSOL Clean Energy, LLC, and WINSOL Academy. 

The mission of WEDC is to serve as a community resource that attracts and leverages public and private investment for community development.  These investments will be used to build new housing developments, construct new manufacturing facilities, increase employment, develop educational and vocational training facilities, and create wind and solar power generation stations providing clean electricity to the communities served.  Additionally, WEDC will be promoting sustainable solutions to address the economic, environmental, and social issues of the communities in ways that stimulate economic growth, protect the ecological and scenic value of the community, and improve public health and safety in our neighborhoods. 

Our mission’s goals:

  • Acquire and rehabilitate residential and commercial properties
  • Build new affordable, sustainable homes
  • Create a volunteer workforce for neighborhood clean-up, provide the elderly, sick and shut-in with home restoration, repair, landscaping and snow removal services  
  • Train young adults and unemployed workers for existing and new “high-skilled” jobs
  • Increase the education level in low-income, “high-needs” communities
  • Originate and manage new homebuyer programs
  • Attract, distribute and manage public and private funds invested to redevelop communities, upgrade business facades, and stabilize families

The vision of WEDC is to be the world’s leader in providing otherwise ignored communities the opportunity to thrive.  WEDC envisions being the source to transform dilapidated neighborhoods into sustainable communities.  WEDC further desires to transform all communities into those powered by clean, renewable energy technologies. 



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